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Portable Sign Rates

6’ x 10’ SIGN

  • 1 week $95.00
  • 2 weeks $120.00
  • 1 month $170.00
You are are limited to the times above, please call with questions.
(Plus Tax and permit fee in some cities)

Portable SignsHave you fallen victim to "Consumer Profiling" without even knowing it?

Are you at risk of paying higher prices than normal because you don't know how sign companies operate?

You’ve probably heard about “racial profiling” before,right?  But have you ever heard of  “consumer profiling?”  This kind of discrimination targets a broader range of personality types and customers.  And if you’re not careful, you could become a victim of this everyday practice without even realizing it.

Sign companies customarily use their own discretion to price each individual client's job.  Unfortunately, consumers are frequently “sized up” – on the spot – and targeted for higher pricing.  Even national “Fast Sign” franchises are free to “profile”potential customers and change sign prices at will because there’s no uniform pricing schedule individual franchise owners are required to follow.

Since pricing charts are almost always hidden from public view, consumers often become suspicious of these practices and instinctively try to protect themselves, but at what costs?

What is the cost of saving money?

In business, we’re all fighting the clock.  Shopping, researching the internet, shuffling through the yellow pages, comparing, averaging and weighing your options all takes valuable time.  Time that diverts your attention away from
other important tasks.  

Others attempt to save money on their business signs through negotiation.  While a rare few may actually enjoy the process of haggling over price, the rest of us would prefer to avoid this type of confrontation altogether.  A number of people find the whole process distasteful, demeaning or even embarrassing.

For optimal security, your credit card number is deleted automatically from our secure servers immediately after you place your order. To comply with tax laws, we may keep a printed copy of your order on file in our Accounting Department.

Introducing Haggle-Free Standardized Pricing*

Jim's signs is one of only a small handful of sign companies offering standardized, openly published prices nationwide. Small Businesses & individuals receive the same consideration as large corporations with bulk purchasing power.

So regardless of:

  • How fast you may need your order
  • How new or inexperienced you may be to buying signs
  • How deep your pockets are
  • Your gender, nationality, race, religion, height,
    weight or age
  • Or, how particular or meticulous you may be

You will receive equal access to the same preferred rates our national corporate accounts enjoy.

Does Your Order Have Any Special Requirements?

Getting your business signs customized is easy. Just before you checkout in the shopping cart, you can give us very specific instructions regarding your order.

How do you know for certain your order will be produced exactly the way you visualized?

Are you concerned your signs, banners or vinyl graphics may not be customized to your specifications? after all, the physical location of our sign company is probably hundreds of miles away from you. So how can you be absolutely sure your order will turn out perfect?

Fortunately, it only takes seconds to transmit full-color designs for your final approval because e-mails travel almost at the speed of light. And with FedEx or DHL delivery right to your door, getting the custom business signs, banners and vinyl graphics you need is now easier and quicker than ever before.

Would You Like To See Exactly What Your Business Sign Will Look Like Just Before It Goes Into Production?

If you are a first-time customer, you are not yet familiar with us .we will email you a proof  to make sure your order turns out even better than you expect.

No other sign company offers you all these benefits:

  • Instant online & offline, haggle-free pricing options
  • A Free Guide, “The 10 Secrets Of Highly Effective Sign Design” Sign Buyer’s Guide, “Sign Materials Exposed – What The Sign Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know (The Good, The Bad & The Ugly)”
  • Your choice of proofing options with a complimentary review
  • Convenient delivery right to your door.
  • Your Order Ships On Time, Every Time.
  • Proof Guarantee
  • All artwork files and previous orders are permanently saved in your account folder for future access.

* While price isn’t everything, our rates are for premium quality business signs in most cases will last for years to come!